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The Deathstalker scorpion

Neurotoxins in L. quinquestriatus venom:

  • Chlorotoxin (CLTX): blocks Cl- channels
  • While venoms can be toxic, the toxicity is mainly due to the synergistic effect of a combination of peptides
  • The vast majority of venom components possesses interesting therapeutic potential that can be usefully exploited

Chlorotoxin (CLTX)

  • It is a 36-amino acid peptide
  • Highly stable protein structure; 4 disulfide bonds
  • First discovered to block chloride channel signaling (DeBrin, Maggio, Strichartz, Am J Physiol 1993)
  • CLTX shown to specifically bind glioma (Soroceanu et al. Cancer Research 1998) and other malignant cells
  • CLTX peptide is non-toxic to cells (does not result in cell death)
  • CLTX has primarily been utilised as a tumor targeting agent due to its selective tumor binding