Preclinical Data in Glioblastoma

Preclinical Data in Glioblastoma2020-10-05T23:54:06+00:00

Evidence of Broad and Specific Binding to GBM Cells and Preclinical Efficacy

CLTX Peptide Tumor Recognition

  • The tumor binding properties of CLTX are promising, with significant therapeutic potential
  • Compared to other GBM immunotherapy targets, CLTX-peptide binds to a greater number of GBM tumors and a higher percentage of malignant cells within the tumor

CLTX-CAR T cells display potent in vivo efficacy 

Preclinical in vivo antitumor activity

  • Human GBM cells isolated from patients were engrafted into the forebrain of a mouse xenograft model
  • Mice received either no treatment (Tumor only), mock-transduced T cells (Mock) or CLTX-CAR T cells
  • CLTX-CAR T cells displayed potent anti-tumor activity and significantly extend mouse survival

CLTX- CAR T cells display potent antitumor activity

Preclinical models provide strong evidence for efficacy together with negligible off-tumor toxicity

  • In vitro, CLTX-CAR T cells efficiently target freshly dissociated GBM tumor cells and patient-derived GBM tumor lines
  • In vivo, CLTX-CAR T cells display potent anti-tumor activity in mouse xenograft models